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Spanx! Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It.

Spanx is a registered trademark!
I didn’t.  The term came up when reading a book, Girlfriends 2.0 by Cindy W. Morrison.  I did have an idea from the context what SPANX might be.
I cringed at first.  Tight hose are not something I like to wear anymore.  At a comfortable middle age (thought I was going to blurt our my age….think again…It is under 100,  90, 80…70…and more but that is all I will tell), I wear the COMFORT  BADGE WEAR TOO MUCH  I guess.
I looked in the theoretically mirror so to speak.  I wouldn’t think twice about putting on comfortable spandex bike ridding shorts or neoprene gear for sports appropriate events.
Spandex ridding shorts are really comfortable wants you get used to them and figure out the right size.
The old me would have cringed and said no.  Like a baby closing the mouth, clinching the mouth at the first sign of bad tasting medicine is how I wanted to react to start.
Cindy Wall Morrision’s book is all about reinventing one’s self.   It isn’t about lying about yourself but a new way of presenting yourself.  If I want to be a success at getting my book published, I better listen to some good advice.
My sister Twila, an angel on Earth, usually gives me plenty of advice in the form of older sister commands that come with love.  I am lucky to have her.  She was blessed with a keener sense of fashion and girl side graces than I was.  This doesn’t mean that I was a complete gut on this but Twila got the better genes.  I was more of the Tomboy of the two of us.
This Tomboy side came in handy for Twila when things needed fixing or getting dirty was the choice.  Twila would rather stay girl clean. I didn’t mind mowing the yard or changing the oil in the car when it was worth the cost to change it yourself.
Therefore, girls and ladies like me that want to cringe or clench at the first sight of tight underwear but think nothing of tight sportswear for appropriate exercise think of it this way.  SPANX IS ONLY APPROPRIATE GEAR TO START THE WAY TOWARDS A FORMAL EVENT CORRECTLY AS YOU WOULD FOR A SPORTING EVENT.  Thus, put on your big girl panties and deal with it via an attitude adjustment. IT really isn’t that hard once you put it in these terms.  Plus, you will feel better about social event instead feeling in and out of place!

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