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Kerina No Longer Accepts Exceptions Are Okay For All But Her! (Fiction)

Don’t you love the rules should apply to you but not to others?

Kerina of late had decided no more accepting exceptions!  Get together’s with family are often stressful and cause more muscle pain from tense muscles.

Yelling at Christmas,”SHUT UP!” was wrong.  However, apologies were made.  The reason for her yelling was to get across a tablet wasn’t charging.  All that was being discussed had been tried.  At the end of the night the tablet still didn’t charge.  Thus, the person doing the talking wasn’t listening.  Nevertheless, yelling is socially unacceptable.

One Thanksgiving a bad habit was being discussed.  Kerina knows her field of study.  Kerina made a remark about nicotine and it being used as an insecticide with other information presented. The point was to help an individual undestand that nicotine still had some risks.

Of course this person didn’t want to hear it.  He screamed YOUR WRONG! Fathers back up sons.  Even though Kerina screamed NO YOU ARE WRONG, the father but brother to Kerina screamed again, YOUR WRONG.  Instead of looking up the material as both Kerina and her brother had been taught, Kerina is supposed to let it go.  There is something wrong with Kerina.  Never has an apology arisen out of this situation.

Kerina, not feeling well missed a play where the tickets had been bought by a sister-in-law.  Kerina slept through the play.  Kerina’s husband talked with her brother and explained the situation. Kerina didn’t get up or do much until Sunday night about 10PM and then just checking email and Facebook.

Imagine her suprise when this message is on Facebook from  the sister-in-law, Tina, that bought the tickets to the play,

Message from Tina to Kerina on Facebook that night. “Tina, I really don’t understand why you had me buy two tickets for   Frank’s play. And, then didn’t bother to call and let us know you weren’t coming or call just to let us know when you are going to reimburse to me the cost of the tickets.  I did something nice for you and you do this…You may have problems to deal with but doesn’t make it right how you treat people….right?  I won’t make this mistake again.  Love, ya but am very disappointed.

Well, Kerina blocked Tina then and there from Facebook.  No longer will she deal with people that need their money back or don’t stop to consider that Kerina was still sick or just getting over not feeling well.  Keinra texted her brother the informatioon intending to pay them back as soon as possible.  Here again Tina gets snippy.  She can’t follow a text that explains Kerina wasn’t up to details and assumed Tina and Harold would be stayint with their other brother.  Tina can’t wait to point out Kerina is wrong.

Tina finally realizes Kerina blocked her on FB.  She has Harold ask her today at 7:38am if Kerina did this.  Kerina didn’t respond.

Later that day Kerina arrives at the mother’s house.  Kerina tells Harold yes I blocked her that day.

Harold goes, “Well then you can block me from your shit too.” Harold gets right in her face.

Kerina complies.  Saying okay.  She follows through right then.

Now during this her sister, Nancy, gets upset.  Kerina needs to let it go.  The family needs to start getting along.

Kerina has had it explaining that accepting these exceptions will no longer be a part of her life.  It was not okay for her to yell at the one Christmas.  Kerina apoligized.

It is okay for the one person to shout “YOUR WRONG,” and again be shouted by the father, “YOUR WRONG!”  NO effort is made to check on  who might be right.  Kerina must let it go.

Kerina again must accept exceptions for Tina’s rudeness.  Kerina must forget that Tina could have waited and tried to understand the reasons behind missing a play.  Again, Kerina will no longer accept exceptions that seem to apply only for others.

Life is short.  Yes.  Life is too short to deal with people that want to yell they are right without considering the possbility they might be wrong.  Life is too short to be around people that want to gripe and judge others.

Kerina is much happier now.

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