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Divorce I declare on November 25th of this year.

“If you stay I will comply!” you said.

Will my age be 95 when this I see and hear?

“I did nothing wrong!” I get all this junk from your head.

Reasonable I planned to be.

Setting some words in pencil.

Even when inside I hadn’t a “Yippee.”

Glad these words were not set in stencil.

One day a week exercise with an Fitness Instructor.

Find a church and attend.

Two times a month on Sundays I direct.

Wednesday I penned.

Date night,

Family night, time,

Couples therapy I write.

Family counseling I chime.

Tanner, a prime consideration.

We each have our own page.

While we need to tune to the same station.

Seems to me I parent around your rages.

Judge me plenty in this marriage.

If you are a Christian and fill in plenty of blanks.

Can we find a carriage,

To carry us where God ranks and we give thanks?

Whose is this baby?

Was your reply to my telling you of my pregnancy.

What does that imply to me maybe?

Great way to start the gestation.

Your way or the highway,

Has been how it seems

Our marriage a flyby,

My behavior says to you. Blowing to smithereens.

I am not lily white.

Marriage takes two.

Perfection is a quest that people must hold.  Allright I did bite.

After a bit, I bet we both blew.

Attention you want.

Tis not Tanner you are for him to prosper.

Only wanting to flaunt.

Called it Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and like a cosper.

No to church choir.

Hated my enrolling in swimming, karate and many other sports.

Attention you said I wished to acquire.

Forbid me to run for PTA President, threatening me for some reason you’d report.

The house was always yours in title.

Shuffling aside the promise to buy a new house once married.

I didn’t do this or that which was vital.

How I felt as if I’d been buried.

When will you be home?

You were late.

Where is my tomb?

Was I mistake but your love appeared as if hate.

Plenty on our plate, for sure,

We must do,

In finding a cure,

After saying “I do!”

Already, you have stated the fitness instructor you aren’t ready for.

I, in good faith, agreed to remain for three months and try.

Let us remember it isn’t war.

Hope and faith should keep us from cries and saying bye.

Your barter was to walk the dog,

With me two or three times a week,

For 15 minutes to 30 minutes, A fog

Was not your state of mind or your critique.

One day you proclaim,

If it is going to be like this,

We won’t be part of the marriage game.

I pray we can find bliss.

You think I keep bringing up the past,

Nagging without forgiving.

However, there is a contrast.

Purposely, getting at anger thrown out isn’t how I will be living.

I asked you to write down your wants and desires.

Of all things I haven’t forgotten God first is a must.

We must put out many fires while relighting a major fire.

A wind gust of marriage thrust is needed that we trust.

Remember, telling me I couldn’t take Tanner

By himself on a vacation.

One big banner,

Is that I can do this type of migration.

Our marriage has lots of problems.

I promise to convey,

My love and earnest,

Struggle to succeed.

God states anything is possible

Through Christ.

Thinking we agree on most of the doctrinal,

Principles from the bible, we must pay the price.

Forgetting and forgiving,

Yes, I concur,

Without misgivings.

If you and I finally understand each other without it being a blur.

God, with faith,

We pray and ask,

To hear what you saith.

Vowing to endure any task.

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