This is “Childhood Cancer Awarness Month “ and More Health News from Ollamok

Keep Your Special One in Mind First

1.  Read the book, “Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think,” by Wanda 


     Draper Ph.D.


2.  Find a person to ask if they really know about resources.  If they can 


     answer these questions that follow they might know a thing or two; 

     my opinion for  sure!


          >What does NCII stand for, what is it, and is it worth using?


          >NCPD?  Does the one for those with disabilities differ?  Do those 


            that do what it doesn’t want them to come from boredom, 

            feeling a lack of respect, a waste of time and feeling of being 

            given useless information regardless of level, disability or other? 

            My father gave me this answer thirty years ago.

3.  Figure out what ODEP is.


4.  Find out what O*NET is


5.  Here in Oklahoma the Head Transition Specialist it Kim Osmani with 


     OKDRS; email and I believe her office contact info is                                    


       Transition: School-to-Work  5813 South Robinson                                       

       Oklahoma City, OK 73109-8521

       405.635.2768 Voice  800.845.8476 Toll Free – See more at:        



       A few questions for her?


       If OKDRS says Transition should start as soon as possible; Why do

       services have to wait to start with to start until a person is 16?

       Why has she as the head Transition specialist done little Benchmarking 

       against other surrounding states to see where Oklahoma falls?  See what 

       innovations Oklahoma may be missing?

       How come no workshops are done for middle school parents explaining 

       online job inventory interests such as jobfit Taking the IEP and making it         a live working document? No money?  She could do a video workshop on         line in virtual time or leave on DRS website.  She did one already. Then     

      send out information to the school systems.  

      Does Osmani understand Designer Employment?  You want to know more         send me the question as a post.  I am happy to help.

6.   Here is a website that should help                                                             also,

7.   Here is another good place to turn, http://www.ncwd-         A PDF can be obtained here called, PAVING THE      WAY TO WORKA Guide to Career-Focused Mentoring for      

     Youth w/Disabilities.”

8.  A new source I have stumbled across called the Lead Center      at,       



9.  I want to give so much.  I will have to wait for another blog. 

    Henceforth, I am going with the new today.  Be sure please         to ask those charged with knowing this information if they    

    do first before you inform this, including Sooner Success.   

    Why?  My point is best use of tax dollars.  The info I am 

    giving you cost nothing as in increase in tax dollars.   Thus, a       priority in connecting parents, and teachers to these seems    

    obvious.  In accounting they are known as SUNK COSTS!          Check out,

10. Do you know what STEM is? Is it this; Or, a PDF of      

     “CAREER PATHWAYS TOOLKIT: Six Key Elements for     

     Success?” Go to http://www.acp-   


     for-success.html for a peak.  Or, perhaps,  Might it be,


Wanting more? OKAY, OKAY!!

For parents or those on the transition ladder newly disabled?  Here is a story.

This should be helpful and useful.



Thank you for your time and I appreciate your readership.  Plus, I can learn from you.  



Please tell parents where they can to to get find a information book from.  By the way this is another thing your tax dollars are paying for that seem to miss all that need it.  My non-profit I want to start till do just that.                                                               REFRAMING RESOURCES    –       DIS      =       ABILITIES




>>>>Go to this page:




The National Cancer Institue will tell you all about it at another page your taxes pay for at this place.




*******Go to thie page:




Now wouldn’t you think they would be letting peole know about this page?  I am not going to keep you guessing! If my child had cancer; I would be screaming my ears off why had they not told me about this.




??????Go to the page:






Now I iz gonna talz like a hic thaz a not sound’n very smartz!  Yet,  I have this information.  All from Yukon, OK.  Where it says it comes from  USA.Gov  Team all to me in an email.  Don’t fret cause I plan to keep you im-formed all this time.




Can you please pass this on for me?    I have many more to hit tonight.






In a July 24, 2013  Tricare announces it changes in autism Coverages on DIvids by video at this web address:





  1. If you have Basic Coverage there is no change.
  2. If you have Enhanced Care Health Option or Echo Program


there are no changes to to your benefit.


  1.         If you are a retiree or retired family member’s suvivor with autism;


autism coverage is being expanded in a Pilot Program and if you want


to know more about them call the Tricare Center in your region.


(Here in Oklahoma, I am sure Tinker or a military base would


have that information for you. Yet, TriCare also has a website. Try


this site;






^^^^^^^ Those with autism are often consindred Visual Thnkers. “Thinking in Pictures,” by  Temple Grandin often comes to mind when this is said.   The NIH  funded a study in mice recently that shows the “way the brain develops a visual circuit in growth.”  This could be important to autism and the understanding of the processes that go on in this type of classing of a number of spectrum characterisics.




By, Ollamok AKA Sandra Adcock  D.Ph.  M.S.M.





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