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This year I am getting organized.  Planning to fit soon, is in the list of things to do.  One thing I am learning is that my All or Nothing Thinking is something I must change.  This means when I have gotten way too far behind…..that I must catch up in one day……resulting in pulling the covers over my head and staying in bed depressed. Realing the idea of being perfect is too hard to attain.  That said once I get in a routine and back into an organized system, I do great.

My son with autism has a counselor that demands the chore list be visual.  Attempting to remove the negative conatation of chores, I am listing them as household chores.   Tanner, my son, has to realize that Dad has a hard job which means he is excused from some of the chores.  I am at home and catergorized as Disabled.  My wreck in 2008 left me in this label.  My son must learn this means I can’t do what I did before the wreck.   Now see my “Getting Organized in Pictures!”  The next part in the series will be checklist in picutes.


The hooks have all the chores in the house broken down into pictures and everything that must be done in each room or area.


Laundry schedule


Trash schedule


Utility Room



Living room
Living room
Computer room
Computer room
Garage and yard
Garage and yard
Our bathroom (one of  two)
Our bathroom (one of two)
Tanner's bathroom (one of two)
Tanner’s bathroom (one of two)
Tanner's bedroom
Tanner’s bedroom
Our Bedroom
Our Bedroom


  1. Lists are great reminders, but can also be sticks that you hit yourself over the head with if you don’t get them done.
    A picture list looks like a useful way to let your son see how many things that need to be done. Has he any jobs on the list? If so does this help him to want to do them?
    It could be a great idea for others to copy. Looking forward to hearing how your family gets on with them


    1. The list pictures helped……in a way…opened up a dialogue of communication…and such….lists like you say are like orders to him…but I aske his input on this before I made it…..a blessing I waited on the book because so much is happening I have to put in the book. thaks for your input


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