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Son, “Do you prefer my Mini Pad!”

Helping my son with his emersion into an Oklahoma History inclusive classroom, a phrase came out of my mouth that seemed so wrong!

My son, Tanner, is taking the tests and quizes with no accomadations.  I am helping him organize information about the chapter.  What to do?  Figure out what works for him and so on.

How to study a chapter

I will attach a copy of how to study for a chapter test if you are interested.  However, I intend to WRITE a complete blog post on that.

His coach/teacher said it was okay to let him use his phone or an IPAD.   That is when this came out of my mouth, “Would you prefer to use my Mini pad?”  I had asked him about the phone and IPAD also.   WHEN THAT CAME OUT I thought that is bad.

THIS  01181_sm   OR  THIS  search ?**

Anybody else had this expereince?

**(note registered trademarks Kotex and Apple have regarding use of  “mini pad” and these images)

7 thoughts on “Son, “Do you prefer my Mini Pad!”

  1. I have something similar lol. My daughter and I were engrossed in a conversation about a pet when my others daughters chimed in. The end of the conversation had them burst out laughing for we were discussing a female pet and I said “She can have her period!” They made a lot of jokes about that. What I meant was period! End of discussion. It happens lol


    1. Thanks for reading my blog…will stop by yours soon……Helping my son with History is eating my lunch too…but He is doing it without help on the tests….just like all the other kids…..So I am happy to do this


  2. Did he know what you meant? I remember an incident like this when I was pregnant with my eldest, now 18. I was a special needs classroom assistant at the time. In the staff room at lunch time I said really loudly that I was ravished, when I had meant to say I was famished. The staff room exploded and I never lived it down LOL


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