What I can be if only!

       What I can be if only!


United States Post Office,


A drawer of distinct age smell and aroma.

My development is a historic process.

The town itself, almost hit glory.

See the view yourself what is left.


Me, the drawer that could tell plenty of stories.

Please look beyond the stressed.

Bridgeport almost became a booming crowed town.

A lady named Cleo Beatrice Utterback, stepped down,


Her first step in Oklahoma, at the age of ten.

Her parents and sister with her.

Came on a train they did 1901, then.

Lines going through Bridgeport included,

Choctaw, Oklahoma, Gulf RR(becomes Rock Island) plus these secluded,

Enid and Anadarko Railways(later called Rock Island).

Her father was a mercantile man of high end.

Homesteaded fertile land of the Canadian River.

Eventually they moved to Oklahoma City.

Bridgeport still has plenty to say. Plenty to blend

Stories or history that makes one quiver.

How about a little ditty?

What can a drawer of the post office

still offer, from Bridgeport, Oklahoma?

Maybe a history pocket?

Without any drama, recycle in mind, always wanted to be a frame.

That is it.  This woman that picked me out of the mess an fuss.

Has a hankering to redo me.

A plan to sand

Off the old, hope to gain some fame.

On the outside black paint by a brush.

Inside white color with sprinkles of glitter.

Then deduct the wood on my bottom.

Replace the wood with glass and a sleak back.

Then I am a frame to pictures of Bridgeport, Oklahoma

Pleasant memory married to this craft idea.

Bridgeport postal drawer will live on; I hope in a galleria.

Don’t forget this is close to the bridge filmed in the Grapes of Wrath,

A film about  Oklahomans that took a well known path.

This is a picture of a house, the gas pumps taken out.

But shows you more of that 30’s era of gas station history.

Just a drawer I am, but my aspiration is for you to enjoy,

This poem and keep Bridgeport in your head before more is destroyed.

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