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Unsolicited Endorsement of Textbook for Child Development

Unsolicited Endorsement of Textbook for Child Development

“Your Child Is Smarter Than You Think!” written by Wanda Draper Ph.D.


is a book I believe should be thefirst book used in any parenting class, Child Development course, or any entry course dealing with raising or understanding children. This book supplies all the necessary theory, development progress, and completes all the other needed information in such a textbook. Wanda does it in such a positive manner. Her years of experience, education and caring offer hope to parents, teachers and caregivers. Her book saved my confidence as a parent.518muOLFcfL._AA160_



Negative reports about children seem to be more common than others. I read about children that struggled with reading. Current research showed me that if your child mastery of reading lacked the occurrence by third grade, chances were he/she in the end would lack mastery in reading.

Education and the state of it in the United States along with reports about this appear more negative to me. Problems, problems and more problems are written about. My son has Autism. Trust me the gloom and doom that is all over makes parents feel worse. How is this conducive to parents in completing their responsibilities of raising children? Does a positive note about children, like this title, motivate educations better?

Jana Staton, PhD and Theodora Ooms, MSW in their paper covering “Wingspread Conference Proceedings 2012,” states that:

“Rigorously designed program evaluations have demonstrated that couples can learn new positive behaviors and skills, such as improving communication—a core, essential relationship skill—problem solving and conflict resolution as well as improving other measures of relationship quality.”

Wanda knows that all children have more ability than they are typically given credit! Pointing out to parents that children are people too helps remind us that the Golden Rule works with and applies to our children.

What do introductory courses in Child Development usually cover and what a textbook should cover according to descriptions and state requirements? What and who are the courses designed for? Many states are implementing a required course in human sexuality instruction or like course. After reading a number of these online I believe these are the beginning basics covered in these courses:

  • Human Relationships and Impact on Society
  • Pregnancy (stages and related issues)
  • Child Development stages
  • Theories related to Child Development
  • Emotional stability factors for best quality outcomes
  • Impact of positive parental coping skills and the relationship
  • An understanding of legal and usual society standards of parenting, teachers, daycare workers and volunteers with regard to child development.
  • Methods needed to implement programs for best outcomes.
  • Understanding industrial costs and committeemen’s needed to help produce happy, strong, and stable children in our society.
  • Realize the education needs and impacts needs in Child Development.
  • Identifying factors that can affect children and have promising interventions in place for best quality outcomes.

****Who these courses are designed for:

  • Parents As Teachers, a great program for young parents. http://www.parentsasteachers.org/
  • Child Development/Relationship/Family type course for high school adolescents.






  • Baby Sitting Courses like those offered by the YMCA








  • Childcare Workers, Paraprofessionals (Teacher’s Aides)









Vocational or related Programs giving Childcare Certificates




  • Education degrees, Advanced Degrees, Psychology, Public Health, Parents and more

As an introductory course, Wanda’s book is excellent. It actually covers most of the theory and related requirements without bogging the reader in rhetoric. Her book covers the necessities in a succinct motivational upbeat manner. Hence, those wanting to push on in studies can do so. Busy parents get plenty in one book, which deletes the need for many other books that go on forever.

Now to the point of accomplishments, education, competence and ability of educational textbooks on Child Development and why Wanda’s book is the best for your buck in these programs. Researching Child Development textbooks online, I discovered quite a bit. The authors met the requirements for writing such books. Yet, few had Wanda’s unique almost 80 years of experience. Wanda started as a teacher. In reading texts that have helped me with my son, Tanner, and dealing with autism; those written by teachers seem to have more insight into children. Below are highlights of Wanda’s golden abilities that make her book a prize:

Teacher (four decades) that covers preschool to university level (impressive)

Professor of Child Development and Author

                                                 President Education Futures International

Position, Professor Emeritus Department of Psychiatry OU

Board Member Oklahoma Child and Family Institute

Texas Woman’s University

Plus, studies at Harvard University

Epistemologist (Epistemology is the study of knowledge, so an epistemologist is someone who studies how we know things), studied at The International Center for Genetic Epistemology in Geneva, Switzerland

Private Consultant

Expert Witness

Appearances including: television, radio, and in newspaper and magazine media, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Parent magazine, CNN World News, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Hong Kong Radio.

One key component of my being in awe of Wanda is how humble she is. In all my interactions with her she acknowledges the importance of the parent and that the parent is the foremost expert on their child. Common sense appears to me to dominate most of her decisions.

My goal in writing this is that a magnificent too for parents, teachers and those working with children finds the widest audience possible! Thank you for your time in reading my endorsement of Wanda, her knowledge and instructive book.

Sincerely and respectful;

Sandra Lynn Mallo Adcock D.Ph. M.S.M. (with a little over a year of teaching practice via alternative certification)

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