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Youth wi/little to do? Told disabled but feel plenty abled? Don’t pass up two free trips to Washington D. C. (maybe)!


Actual chance to attend a 2015 and 2016 conference in Washington D.C. “you commit to”:

Attend the annual national training with your blank team in D.C. October 2015. You will be expected to attend this conference in 2015 and 2016. Travel expenses will be covered by blank.

Jefferson is lite tonight.
Jefferson is lite tonight.


This program offers:


>“Complete training in leadership, advocacy skills, youth transition policies, and issues affecting youth with disabilities;

>Create a local plan with your blank team for how you will work together year-round;

>Communicate regularly, including meeting at least once per month, with your local blank team members and other youth at your supporting organization;

>Co-lead meetings with a group of youth to discuss what youth need to make a successful transition to adulthood (“youth transition needs”) and how to improve youth services and opportunities where you live;

>Speak publicly and give presentations to youth, families, and the agencies and organizations that serve youth about how to improve services and opportunities for youth;

>Participate in monthly national blank activities including monthly national conference calls and quarterly webinars or videoconferences with all the blank teams and create youth-driven materials and tools on youth leadership and transition topics;

>Work in collaboration with the existing cohort, or group, of blank teams;

>Be an active member of your blank for at least two years. The estimated time commitment for youth is 10 to 15 hours per month.”

Tomorrow I meet with a person from a nonprofit that qualifies to form a team. Applications for funding must be sent by July 14th, 2015. Although the funding allows for people younger than 18 to 25, this is a parameter that has been set.   This program might fall dead on the launch pad.

Two adults desire in earnest to get this going in the Oklahoma City Metro area to provide more help for young adults in this transition period of life. Youth with disabilities and all disabled are employed at much lower rates than those without a disability.

The two adults meeting tomorrow morning have a desire to thwart this well known fact. I see a social area of this program developing. Meeting friends that you can rely on in life is a golden chance. Knowledge is key in getting ahead in society. Knowledge and skills, once learned, cannot be taken away from you.

To me this chance at forming a group to help young adults explore careers, network to discover friends or job openings in the career you want, providing these young adults with caring older life guides and that want to teach you things that will give you freedom to live life the way you please.

The funding says we have to cover a set amount of material and training in certain skillsets. Beyond that I want to show with innovative programs you can get jobs you love. Checking out how to own your own entrepreneurship by providing options others have ruled out without considering the creative or inventive, “good old American know how!”

I believe in the young adults this group has targeted. If you give me the chance, we are lucky to file for the funds in time, and a nonprofit that allows us to seek refuge under their exempt status; please contact me via Facebook.

Again, I beg of you, remember this will be a rushed work in progress without any promises being able to be made at this point or even further down the road. Prayer is something I believe in and ask you keep me and this possible group formation to accomplish the set goals in mind; of course, I ask for success and a reminder


to let God                                                                                                                                                                    lead us.

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