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Iran Deal; Like Cattle Herded – History Lesson Go Unheeded And Our Freedoms Dwindle


Iran Deal; Like Cattle Herded –

History Lesson Go Unheeded And Our Freedoms Dwindle

At this URL site, the heading is “The Historic Deal That Will Prevent Iran From Acquiring a Nuclear Weapon.” Our President, Barack Obama, is confident the deal he has brokered will accomplish this. Or, does he? After all President Obama is a student of history and as a lawyer he has experience in looking at a track record as a tool to predict future behavior. Or, am I assuming to much in this case?

Germany, Russia, European Union, China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States agree to the terms of a deal that “will verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.” It allows for peaceful development of nuclear energy to meet the nation’s power needs.

This URL, will give you a list of countries besides the United States operating Nuclear Power Plants. Pakistan (remember we found Osama bin Laden in a compound there) and Iran are two countries with nuclear power that concern me. Remember the Pakistan scientist that admitted on TV he gave North Korea technology and other secrets on nuclear power. North Korea boasts of testing nuclear weapons.

If you had a friend that kept borrowing money over period of thirty or so years without repaying it, is it smart to keep loaning him money? Then say that same friend wants to make a deal to repay you for some but not all of the money but doesn’t want you to run a credit report, is this a wise move?

What is Iran’s track record? In the years of 1979 to 1980, a group of terrorist’s kidnapped, held, brutalized and traumatized fifty-two Americans in the U.S. Iranian embassy. Former, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies being one of the hostage takers but one must admit in photos he resembles a hostage taker. Ask yourself this, in the Iranian Political realm would such a person benefit from being such a person? Could this help or hurt him climb a political ladder? Look him up in the Wikipedia. It states he was a member of a group called “Office for Strengthening Unity.” Look up this group to find this quote, “The OSU played a central role in the seizure of the United States embassy in Tehran (

Thus, 1979 starts the “Iran Hostage Affair,” and sets the tone for U.S. – Iran relations for years to come. An article at this URL gives a timeline of this relationship. The article talks about Iran working on nuclear power plants before the hostage taking but the post revolutionary Prime Minister cancels the contract. There are a series of other tidbits about Iran seeking nuclear power and the famous Pakistan individual that helped North Korea is nestled warmly in these transactions.

The United States protects Arab shipping in the 80’s. Iran fires on American missile Frigate the Stark killing 37 people. During a skirmish with the Iranian gunboats a commercial Iran air flight is shot down killing 290 people. The United States paid a dollar sum for compensation of loss of life in this case.

Have the American Iranian hostages ever been compensated a dollar figure for their trauma? Former hostages addressed President Obama to make this part of the deal but articles and answers say the deal is about one thing, getting Iran to stop the path toward developing a nuclear weapon. August of 2002 it is revealed that Iran is making advancement in nuclear power and uranium enrichment. Then in November of 2004 Iran says it halts Uranium production. Our own government talks about finding secret facilities that could be used for a weapons program; here is the URL for that information

Remember all the times Iran turned back U.N. inspectors of their nuclear power program? What were they hiding? Over how many decades now have evaded and denied progress in the development of nuclear power and weapon’s grade uranium? What have they done to earn our trust? How many American’s have they imprisoned? How many American’s and other world citizen’s have been abused while in Iran? We must remember the U.N. Speech by a former Iranian President.

It is about time to take a stroll down history lane. Does the name Adolf Hitler ring any bells?   Does the name prompt people to remember the error in under estimating him? Hitler rolled into countries and people gave up their freedom without a fight with great costs.

How many recall a man names Winston Churchill: writer, British Army Officer and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945? Regrettably to the world in failing to notice and act on Winston Churchill’s prophetic words of “Prepare for War!” I read a biography Churchill in grade school that tells of a trip he made to Germany where he sees a huge military build up. Churchill tries to convince his country for some time to respond and take a page out of Roman history that preparing for war can prevent a war. Too sad his words fell on deaf ears at first. Go to this URL for some information on this

Hitler rolled into many countries very easily. Many people sat in their glass houses ignoring the picture in front of them. Millions of people lost their lives and freedom during this time.

How can the U.S. and these countries making the deal and “verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.” Help me see anything on the Iranian side that gives them an ounce of credit or goodwill we should trust. I urge people to look at the deal for themselves. This URL will lead you to a PDF of the deal. PLEASE LET US BE A NATION THAT REMEMBERS HISTORY AND LEARNS FROM IT. Think about the status of the Middle East at this time. Is the Middle East the picture of stability? Will it be stable in the near future? Or, is it more likely that stability is a long way off and this deal only increases the chances for diversion of uranium and a culture of groups in search of the best weapons of mass destruction?

My last statement is where I beg you to think about your freedom, history and to stand up for what our military has guarded for so long. Millions of people may be saved if we turn this deal down and make a country earn trust before giving everything with no real way of making Iran accountable. Personally, I will speak up, as is my right, to keep my freedoms.

One last thought. If many people are killed or end up living in a country where they face a Hitler, should we respond and save them or only defend ourselves?

Mrs. Sandra Lynn Mallo Adcock D.Ph. M.S.M.


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