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During the last few years, I have been visiting the Ghost Towns of Oklahoma and traveling some backroads of Oklahoma by myself, with family and friends.  Romping this last week on Wendsday included my long term friend from Pharmacy School at Southwestern Oklahoma State University graduating in 1985, Anita Quirk and my son, Tanner Adcock, that happened to turn 20 July 11 of this year.

During that romp we visited Roman Nose where the dead town of Bickford is located but little is left.  The plan was to go swimming.  Word to the wise is call ahead.  The pool at the park is closed on Tuesday’s and Wendsday’s.  However, our first stop was Okarche to have some good eats at the long time ICON Eishein’s Bar.  Anita and Tanner shared the chicken and I had a roast beef sandwich and oakra.  You might want to make sure you are hungry.  Filled us up with plenty to sparks.

Next on the oultine was Watong cheese.  Drove around to see if there were any antique stores or reasonable art or furniture stores.  We found some but time limited our shopping.  The itinerary had Greenfild and Geary on our list.

See below a nice old picture of the stone building for Greenfield Highschool.  I love the stone and layout.  It reminds me of the old spring feed pool that used to be at Roman Nose.  The stone that was around the pool was outstanding.  Also, see an oldtime log jail house.


Geary, Ok



The next adventure takes us to Porter,  Oklahoma the Peach Capitol of Oklahoma.  Porter offers a couple of other historic sights to see.   The location is close to Battle of Honey Springs.  This battle engagement of the Civil War occurred in 1863 in Indian Territory; which was an important victory for the Union. This area was also important to Creek resettlement into Indian Territory.

There are a number of ghost towns to visit with the main one being Park Hill.  Park Hill may be the most note able ghost town of Oklahoma.  It began as a Mission and School. It was close to the center of the Cherokee nation.  Of military significance it was close to Fort Gibson.  Chief Ross lived close by Park Hil.

If the same group gets to go in the next two weeks to Park Hill and Porter….I will record info and pictures to report. I hope this is of interest to you all.   By the way I bought the book Ghost Towns of Oklahoma by John W. Morris (1978);  which spurred my continued interest in investigating this realm of Oklahoma history.  Anita’s brother died a couple or three years ago.  All three of us were talking about how neat it would be to go on excursions to these towns.  I am hoping to possibly bury a time capsule as a memorial to him this trip.


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