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Is it better to do a wrong thing than to ignore the right thing we suppose to do?

Is it better to do a wrong thing,                                                                                                                           than to ignore the right thing we are suppose to do?                                                                               In doing a wrong thing we may learn to sing.                                                                                 Ignoring the right thing to do is never kind.

Grandma kept a cabinet that was loaded with stuff he was allowed to shuffle around in play.  Remember the saying kids like the box better than the present!

Which is the better of the things to do?
Here is a clue.
What are the circumstances?
It can and will depend on happenstance!


Mistakes are doing wrong.
Yet it makes you strong.
It gets you to where you belong.
Almost as revealing as wearing a thong.

Ignoring the right thing to do is never kind.
It is acting blind,
To teachings of life that have been assigned,
Resulting in loss of frineds, life and we know to be kind.

However, pefect we are not.
God knows this.
Pefection exists in only God.
If we say we are perfect, something is amiss, I must insist.

Mistakes are our teacher.
Learning to reach,
With all our heart each arm and leg.
Promise to say it with our body and speech.

Doing the opposite of what we should,                                                                                                           Just because we could.                                                                                                                                     Why should                                                                                                                                                             or might one would?

Accidents and mistakes,
One of the flesh,
Will often need to remake.
To keep abreast.

Having a good heart,
Is that which God can chart.
Being bad, God knows from the start.
He doesn’t serve us a la cart.

Answers to the questions are many.
The key,
Is the difference between
A mistake and deliberate.

David had many sins,
As well as plenty of wins.
God knew his heart set him apart,
That is what made him art.

The devil is evil.                                                                                                                                               Turns you, almost like a weevil.                                                                                                                         A sneviling.                                                                                                                                                    Person in his/her retrieval always seems to cause upheaval!

Mistakes make you learn.
Sometimes you yearn
To be wrong
Becoming stronger.

Deliberate actions,
Of wrong doing,
Continued over and over,
Make you a bad drover.

This poem
Can be an omen.
Or, a definition.
Admission, mission or audition. Up to your showman ship and tramsission.

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