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Star Trek the year is sixty-six.
Cadets, stars, hope, peace – Quite a mix!
A far off mold is cast.
Characters diverge;
Color, country and alien,
“All together one!!”
Gene had a bright dream.
Unveil the future holding promise.
Uhura, a luscious, confident black woman.
Scotty, top fleet engineer, keeps Enterprise booking.
Bones’, the Doc, tends to all “Boo-Boo’s.”                                                                                                                      Sulu, navigator, plotting and planning, does the steering.
Nurse Chappell, in the shadows, always seeking Spock.
Many things Spock represents, of brain and circuits.


Good and Evil? Ying and Yang?
Conscious and Subconscious?
Constant inner struggle.
Example to America of what harm a mental health issue might be.
Star Trek was/is innovative, many firsts.
Roddenberry’s cryptic language in promoting social awareness.
Inspired many next generation scientists.
Myself, I picked pharmacy, healthcare and more.
Think about the year, 66, first appeared.
How many religions find it/this evil?
Coincidence or apocalyptic? Cause upheaval?
God works or working in mysterious ways?
Smart move getting people out of their sleepy daze!
Could be only year Star Trek came out.
Remember Enterprise’s five year mission?
Exploration and “To boldly go where no man has go before?”
How about TV’s first interracial kiss?
Star Trek has an exceptionally decisive development role in our culture.
How many kids were watching the show?
In that moment determined to make those gadgets become real?
The series created much;
With a Scarecrow’s budget.
Star Trek is classic ICON.
In this fiftieth year of Star Trek,
Think back over the images and symbols;
Did Star Trek strike any chords?
Are you on board?
Do the last fifty years make you critical, cynical, or agnostic toward Trek?
Is Star Trek diagnostic of our culture’s problems or ability to live in a fantasy world?
If put to a vote, positive or negative impact on society, which way would you twirl?
Of the cast, who had the most profound influence?
Which cast member have I failed to mention?
Engineer, Doctor, Navigator or someone else?
Clarify this is based on the original cast series.
Have to admit Captain Kirk (William Shatner) disgusts me because I fell his actions detract from overall good.
Gene Roddenberry, to me, displayed remarkable talent of showing our society’s good 2 be superior and in an entertaining venue.
Star Trek’s gave us a future with a menu.
We can make real choices in society that work with a win-win.
Still it was a show,
A family could spend time together;
Relish the experience just like being at a rodeo.
Quality family time with little vulgar language and minimal violence.
Parents in my opinion would find few bad parts to screen from their children, an option that was/is viable.
I am sure all agree Spock to be, if is, Star Trek’s clear symbol.                                                          Coincidence Spock dies on anniversary? See for what it speaks!

For all the internal struggles, the journey, Spock has resolution and peace in his humanity; alien or what or not!

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