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“An Earth Angel” #Fearlessliving Story

I had this in mind for a blog post down the line.  However, a call request is inspirational in getting it out early. (Yes the names have been changed to honor the right to privacy of this dying Earth Angel and Earth Angel husband that will be left alone…they deserve that), but their story might Kick some people into the process of enjoying life or being kinder to others.  Yet, by writing it earlier, I sincerely hope it is uplifting to so many. I know it got me going!


Recently, a friend of over some twenty years called me. My sister’s friendship with her and her husband went on years over the twenty since I’ve had the privilege of her friendship, Kerina Lotts, and that of her husband Robert Lotts.  A happy couple meant to be together.

As the story goes, told by Robert, I believe, it was their Sophomore year of high school when they became acquainted. End of story is where they become sweet-hearts. I do not recall if they married at 18, waited until the middle of college or after graduation.
Both members of this marriage are happy-go-lucky. For sure in your life time, I bet you will never come to know a pair of people who really do have and share these genuine personality characteristics. They are active in their Catholic Church and in the community.

My sister and I participated in a bicycle run with their Boy Scout Troop one summer. This included the practice runs.

Kerina is courageously fighting ovarian cancer spanning a period of nine years. Funny how small this world is. In the last 18 months, or so, an ah-ha discovery became apparent. Kerina’s sister Faye lives across the street from my sister and mother.
It is currently my shame over expressing the least discomfort compared to Kerina and feeling sorry for myself instead of looking on the bright side of life! Kerina inspired motivation in me that day to live life and at least give it 50% more effort to be more positive.

You see her sister let us know the Hospice call went in with Kerina sustaining her self on a half a can of Ensure a day. This had been a few days. Kerina called me in her same high spirit of a voice encouraging me to feel better and get well!!  I exclaimed I felt & ashamed.

“Oh no, Sandra! You were in a major car wreck and sustained major injuries!”
Kerina, facing death, drinking only half a can of Ensure a day, doing her best to console me.  Kerina is an inspiration to face life head-on, fight for every moment, enjoy it, encourage others while being all you can that God expects of you.

Kerina really gave me a #WAKE-UP-CALL!

Now I feel that Kerina gives people a real dynamic hero life example of #Fearlessliving and LEADERSHIP.

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