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Missing God’s direct answer to prayer? Is this possible?

Is there a Spiritual form of ADD?  Psalm’s 46:10(a) “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Grandma kept a cabinet that was loaded with stuff he was allowed to shuffle around in play.  Remember the saying kids like the box better than the present!

God gave me my son Tanner, age twenty, with a number of gifts or different types of traits from other children.  Autism is one of the terms you will be able to identify with key into those other types of things that might set Tanner apart.


In school there are programs to aid those of specific needs along the journey in life.  Teachers and other professionals try to help the students identify what the student likes or wants to do with his/her capabilities.  “I want to help people!” Tanner often replied, when asked what he wanted to do when he left school or grew up.  Tanner’s other standard long time answer that was unwavering, “I want to be a fireman.”

Could it be that Tanner’s desire to help people meant a manifestation of a vocation in minssions or a specific ministry?  How many people may simply overlooked the easiest answer in front of them because it appears to be a lack of ability?  Basically people are judging a book by its cover.

March 2008 lands me with a car wreck which quite literally does a 360 on my life.  Besides the injuries that leave me on disability and a journey of recovery over years; I find mega resources and a failure to connect to most of the public.  I know somehow at the start of this trip that God’s plan for my life is leading away from my original professional of pharmacist.  It becomes clear to me that my Master’s will not go to waste. Plus, every point of my life will be useful in this new direction; including my time teaching via alternative certification.

It is time to tell you that I have a diagnosis of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  Over the last few years I knew many times what God’s desire for me in total summation.  However, the end result kept from materializing by just a hair.  Were the ideas or schemes bunko? I really don’t think so. Actually, I believe in the end, God will utilize all of them.

Yet, the problem is “my, me, I,” all this words left out God. Please do not think prayer was left out.  Key here in the process for me is literally as the verse states, “not being still and knowing that God is God.”  I forgot to wait for an answer.  I kept going, going and going like a chicken with the head cut off.

In college I became the President of the Interfaith Council.  My dream and vision of having a Religious Emphasis Week became a reality. The purpose for me was clear.  God has a place for each one of us.  Easily the devil can steal a college student away from that place.  My hope by having this week and sponsoring the activities was to aid the process along and keep students from a despair that was unnecessary.  The Wesley Foundation supported me and my friends in maintaining a spiritual connection through college.  This was not the only place on campus that had the potential to do so.  I knew that or felt that God provides people with a variety of environments because people are different.  This uniqueness reveals itself in a variety of churches.  My prayers was to facilitate the students to connect to the student organization that God had in store for them.

It is my belief that somehow down the road maybe, I can have a hand in showing people that regardless of an outward appearance of a disability; God provides all of us with the ability to serve as a missionary to all.  Jesus says in Mathew 4: 19,”…Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

A conversation between my son and I revealed that indeed the idea of doing some type of misson or being a missionary, even if it was for only five years or less, could be a vocational goal of his.  I told him that I would do all I could to help him.  However, we needed to pray about it.  I responded by telling him I would not jump and declare this is going to be like in the past.  I was learning to wait for a response from God.  We actually are both growing in this regard.

A volunteer position at a church outreach program came open. The program deals with gather resources and organizing a directory of sorts.  I will have access to a computer.  However, I am not for sure what the project will look like in the final result.  Actually, that is kind of where I am at in writing this blog post.  I am going to take this first rough draft with me to the tour of the facility and meeting volunteer coordinator.  Previously, I volunteered at this outreach years ago.  The skills this job requires, shows God prepares people very well.  I’ve been pouring over resources with great enthusiasm.

When Tanner was born things were happy in our home.  However, the way things unfolded, trials and tribulations did present themselves.  I know very well how it feels to be a parent in the darkness looking for help. Plus, parents feel at fault which can strain a marriage. When I first approached many of the new resources they told me what, where and such.

It may appear unconventiaonl but I pulled a book of mine, “Little Red Book of Selling -12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness – How to make Sales FOREVER,” off my shelf.  This book will help me be a better volunteer at this outreach.  Now if you don’t believe God works in mysterious ways, then pay close attention to this quote! “INSTEAD OF THINKING END OF MONTH, BEGIN THINKING END OF TIME!”  Here a few key elements from this sales book

The difference between success and mediocrity is philosophy.                                                    >If you think end of time, each time you are in a selling situation, the sale will always be long term, relationship driven, and referral oriented.  It has nothing to do with sales manipulation, or speedy tactics.                                                                            >I want to do some surveys about the needs of the people.                                                >Any succeful company must understand the customer.  Then an outreach forming a resource directory must understand the needs of the communty in forming a successful directory.                                                                                                                     >Maybe get local business to provide incentive for participation in the surveys.




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