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Because “The Zodiac Killer” loved his Brand: Did He Drive A Ford Zodiac Car Imported from England?

       In July of 1969 Michael Mageau became one of the few people to be a survivor of “The Zodiac Killer’s” violent assassination type assaults.  Micheal’s, friend Mrs. Darlene “Dea” Ferrin, joined the team of those whose prize was death that night. 

This blog typically is about other subjects besides the gruesome subject of serial killers.  However, the History Channel is doing a series on the unsolved cold case of “The Zodiac Killer.”  It struck me that the Zodiac is all about his Brand.  For some reason these type of people like to flaunt things in public that might point to them that is risky.  This is something most people would wish to hide.  It is like verifying their intelligence for themselves.  Most people understand this feeling if he/she has obtained an A or B on an extremely hard test or challenging course.

A watch worn by one suspect is the brand Zodiac. No where has the question “DID THE ZODIAC DRIVE Ford model  ZODIAC type car?”  I knew they made this type of car. Has anybody else come across this question or thought? Or, am I the odd ball out in left field?  

Let me go back to one of the few lone-survivor’s, Mr. Mageau.  Mr. Mageau did state that the car driven by Zodiac to be analogous to the car his companion, “Dea,” drove that night in size and shape. Mrs. Ferrin drove a Convair that night.  You all know how to use the net to look things up. Check out images of Convair’s and Zodiac’s type cars.  I think they look quite a bit alike  Yet, you make up your own mind.

I do have one request.  Please tell me if this is a different or unique take on something that you would check if you were a police detective.  I mean the number of imports to the USA, California, and the specific areas.  Then if not owned by a suspect, maybe by a friend, boss or family member.  But then a gain a car this uncommon, if linked in any way close to a suspect that had access, I am sure would be checked out.   I just want to know if this is a new lead.  Or, at least if it is plausible to looked at when considering suspects and the type of person that would commit such crimes?

Thanks ahead of time for doing this if you do.  Sometimes you just like to check your own thought processes.


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