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“Time For Govermet Reps to Think!” ..THAT IS IF THEY HAVE ANY BRAIN POWER…or maybe there is other motivation behind the curtain?

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Recently, while posting on Twitter I became aware of an article in “Tulsa World,” written by Randy Krehbiel on April 30, 2018. The main topic deals with legislation before our Oklahoma legislature titled House Bill 3706.  Which I understand as summed up in the article that the state will direct the Dept. of Corrections to spend $2,8 million dollars in payments to private prisons. They will be raising the payment per day for a housing a prisoner to $43.30.

Let me do some simple math here.  $43.30 X 365 days (one year) = $15,804.50. 

This is costing out for medium security prison.   I have a famiily member currently getting Social Security Disability for Autism.  This person is 21 years old. We use the resources to apply to things that I believe will make help him be independent one day.  He is growing up slower and we have a way to go.  I will not reveal the amount he is getting but I wil say it is less than the amount in the end equation above we are paying to private prisons under this HB3706 or will.

“The defenition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting differernt results!” This is a quote often attributed to Albert Einstein. If you look up the quote you will find out Mark Twain and Henry Ford have been given credit for this quote also.  Some will track it town to a flyer for Narcotics Annyomous. or book “Sudden Death,” by another author.

However, it is a phrase that I am sure you can all imagine or remember your parents yelling or telling you in a monotone lecture the same info with the same jest of advice. I could see Einstein or Ford saying a variation of this quote. It makes sense.  That is except to our government and bureaucracy.  Like we have to find a way to help people change.

This really doesn’t take a huge brain IQ or lots of thinking time. It does require our government people to listen….and think.  How much money do we have to spend? How have been doing it for years?  The same equations is costing us too much and mounting more costs.  We keep the cycle going. Sending people to prison often teaches them how to become worse people.

I am not so naive to think we can do away with prisons all together We might want to see about those making the deals to keep the same cycle going….or those that do not want us to find a solution and have them spend some time behind the doors they create if we investigate and find out this is the case.

I know there will be specific population, or I think this way, that we are a long way from being able to help yet. However, a year ago I was telling my son with autism, that sometimes he is so pure that I have fears he will still be taken advantage of as an adult, that even though I have faith in God; I almost feel like looking for an out of the way country that is stable to go hide in and waite out the end of the world.

I say that in reference to what was going on in North Korea and Iran.  I feel we should pull out of the deal with Iran. We can’t trust Iran. They are now playing with rockets.  I am pretty sure they continued to develop weapons grade nuclear weapons. Now with the rockets they are an even bigger problem and we paid them not to do this.  My opinion is we gave the money to fiance the rockets and their weapons.

Yet, my son kept saying that things can change. Ever the symbol and instruemt God uses to teach me to have more faith. Look at what is going on now. The United States is conducting peace talks with the North Korean leader. There is talk of reunifying North and South Korea. Yet, how many will not give Trump any credit for this. He carried a hard line with North Korea and it is paying off. Regan did the same with German and the Berlin wall fell down. Maybe North Korea doesn’t have the economy to continue an arms race. But, Iran does becasuse we paid for it.

Back to House Bill 3706!  We have to reduce our prison population. We need to decrease the drug addiction population in our state and country. How many families are torn apart because we send people to prison?  I have just shown you it cost more money to put people in prison than we spend to help people with a disability live.  This is not an SSI, or assistance program.  It is under the Social Security benefits program we, specifically in our case for my son , that I paid into for years as a working person.

Liberals will not like this and Republicans will but they will want to use the info from the data gained in a different way. People on Welfare or Medicaid need to be tested for drugs randomly.  If they want to continue to be eligible for benefits.

This is a violation of Civil Rights some say. Well if I have a job, I often will have to agree to testing. Government workers often are subject to testing.  Our military personnel can be tested randomly at anytime.  Now they go to war to defend our freedom and they are subject to drug testing. So what is the issue with testing Medicaid recipients?

Children living where parents are addicted to drugs is a problem.  Is there any person out there that is going to tell me that parents that are on Medicaid that are drug addicts with children should not be tested? What is the harm?  Should their privacy be protected? You bet!

Now here is where I take the road that both camps don’t think of because most do not go for the solution.  Those that say test….A number of times will for strict penalties and putting them in jail. Yet, this usually leads to higher costs and repeat vistis to the prison system. At the same time the tears apart familes and a cycle that ends up with costs spiraling out of control.  This says nothing of the human equation and loss. Qualify of life for children and familes is poor. 

In turn, states have an economy that will turn negative.  Overall, our system will burdened to the extent that the walls of the prisons cannot hold.  This state and county is better than that. We have brains if we use them that can solve this ignma.

By testing Medicaid persons, we can put the brakes on the system right then.  There are enough resources in place to help people.  The problem is they do not know it.  Health Departments, federally funded community health centers and non-profits are part of an infrastructure that can treat the addiction problem.  Court mandated treatment Meth programs are working.  Medicaid mandated treatment programs, I think would have similiar success.

Also, people have to be prepared for failure. Therefore, a second chance has to be built in to the program. It could be we need to have a third chance in the system.  I sound too easy but not really.   The first two chances would be for kicking the habit for real.  The relapse third time being built in is for years way down the line.  Sometimes stresssful events happen and people hit a road bump for a short time.   No, if they fall back into a long dance with drugs ….Discussions on how to handle this will be addressed.  What other crimes did they commit?

But, how about those that are non-violent offenders but have drug addiction charges?  Currently, they may be serving time away from their children.  How much is the taxpayer paying for jail and their children’s raising?  What if we had kept them out of jail but had tested them randomly while on Medicaid?

Could it be possible the family stays together?  Addiction issues are taken care of for the person?  Is it possible that once off of drugs they obtain better employment?  Would the state’s economy be better off?  Let me see?  Instead of having more people in prision …we could have more taxpayers?  Less fractured familes?

Problems arise because a segment of society doesn’t want to viiolate a citizen’s privacy that is on Medicaid.  I say think about the children living in a family where their parent(s) are drug addicted.  Another section of society says “To jail you go!”  Could this be a group that preaches keeping familes together is vital?

“PUT ON YOUR THINKING CAPS!”  Remember when your grade school teacher said this or something like it!

“DOES NOT COMPUTE! Time to start over!!!” Back to an empty drawing board we can fill up with new and must be totally new ideas to try!!!!”
List a few resources and ideas …Sorry I did mix in some of my faith but I have a civil right …Bill of Rights to do so. You can ignore it. Think as you wish but we can solve this problem. Personally, I do not believe I follow the typical ranking of Oklahoma on the national level. Or, that Oklahoma has to stay there!


******** A Poem that sums up some of my feelings of how I think Oklahoma can change from botom to top if we choose..****


Now old n’stranded! Stranded n’branded close to last n’line!

Come eat you’ll get fried taters, chicken adding inches more of fat.

Nature ain’t for us; sloucher’s gotta have a couch.

In the states; near the top n teen pregnancy n’ divorce: 5th and 7th (see footnote, source data).

Agencies n many, mostly a sittin’ n’mettings most days, I see,

Progress n’ stingy increments, Think’in it is fine n dandy.

Money? Spend it they do, without a doubt ain’t talkin’ one another.

Better ideas? Business practices apply?  “What they say?”

Oklahoma keeps heading down a drain, like hard penetrating, pounding n’ pouring rain.

Flushing lots them greenbacks without care r’ taxes too flushing um n’ outside John.

No wonder Oklahoma tis stranded n’ branded low n’ standards.

What model r motivation dis a showin’ them still a growin?

Conceptualize, Rogers’ n’ Hammerstein’s collaboration; Oklahoma II 2013 – real reflection review!                                                                                                                         Know band Oklahoman’s shrinking n’ old stinkin’ prairie quicksand.                             Must this be r’ outward countenance presentation?                                                                      I say heck no way. No way, no how, no need ever got this way.                                            Only saying, challenge, explain these things won’t be;                                                        Cause them their one’s been directin’ stead hearin’ citizens.                                          Agree’n with me might u be by now,                                                                                  Somehow gots’ to get a leranin’n to inspire aspirations of desire getting’ up top.                    R’ youngn’s sure could,                                                                                                                   Have a super dooper future,                                                                                                            If’n weez startz a talkin, walkin’ same direction on this path stead of Road of Many Forks!


The story I am about to tell you is basically all true.  I am making a few changes to allow for privacy and eliminate aspects are society tends to identify or label things for some reason. I feel the less we label or bring these items up the more we will begin to form a
cohesive group. When this happens maybe acceptence will be easier and we can evolve our social reforms to a higher level.
Rick Smith is a 24 Oklahoma, Greem Mars Alien Citizen. Rick has lived most of his life in Oklahoma.  Rick’s birth state is North Dakota. Rick was born into a family with an older brother,  where  his mother was a stay at home mom  and his father was in the Marines.  Rick’s parents divorced but not until he was 18 and technically had a high school diploma or GED.  There was social use of alcohol and one parent is a life long smoker.
Basic needs such as food, clothing and having extras for recreation were takin care of with the family’s income. Was there trauma in the home?  Was there mental illness that ran in the family?  I am sure this family dealt with the normal problems faced by the average person. Life is not going to deal people a happy card without things to face down the road of existence.
Rick’s jouney after he is 18 starts with prison. He has like two felonies. I think they deal with assault and maybe he has a drug charge. It is possible that Rick has a DUI or two. Also, Rick went to a program when he was 15 for anger manaagement.  It seemed to be a success for a year or two. After, a couple of rounds of probation or such, honestly here I  a not so sure about the exact path to lockup, Rick goes to an Oklahoma Correctional Facility. I think it is medium to high security. I may not have the correct lingo or terminology. Yet, I think you get the drift.
Rick at first is all attitude. Sometime goes by and he he mellows.  Rick is lucky his Green Alien Martian family, including grandparents, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins write him and send him funds for a fan in the hot summer and such.  He lets them know he appreciates the cards and Christmas gifts.  Once he told me about guys that have little support from the outside. He asks that we write some of his friends because he feels odd getting so much and not being able to do anything for others. His family does what they can.  Many will find it amazing that a little caring goes a long way.  The letters of thanks for so little done for these others made it sound like gold and silver had been sent to them.
As Rick settles in and softens, his anger changes to motivation and goals of getting out. Rick’s behavior makes him eligible for early parole. Rick gets out on conditions. Things are hard right out of the gate. A job seems like an unobtainable out of reach task.  Rick might actually have been a middle-man in a couple of drug deals. He felt he had to make some money some how besides doing the odd jobs his family kept giving him.
Since his parents were now divorced, each one had told him he had to pull his own weight or they could not support him like when he was a kid. Or, also there were complications with new spouses. The new spouses were not comfortable with an ex-con in the house. Rick kept saying and asking how could he prove himself if they didn’t give him a chance and he had no job yet.
Miralces do happen. Eventually, Rick gets a temporary landscaping job. This works into putting in sprinkler sytems or something like this. The company is pleased with Rick. They train him in other areas of the industry they are invested in across the country. Rick has to travel all over the country.
Rick meets a girl. He earns enough to support her and a baby boy comes along. For a few years happiness exists.  Rick can pay off his fines and more. Rick feels good about his acomplishments. However, Rick has had to drive without a driver’s license or suspended one.  Rick still drinks. He wrecks a couple of more cars and racks up between 3 and 6  more DUI’s. It could be 7 or 8.
Here is some commentary from me. I will admit to drinking and driving. A little in college and maybe once just out of college. However, most people grow up and realize this is not acceptabe. Or, that if they face up to it that it was out right stupidity. Therefore they stop behaviors like or such as this.
One person said all Rick needed was rehab. I disagree with this statement.  Each of those DUI’s could be a dead person or more. However, what is the answer to the puzzle that will motivate Rick to stop this kind of thing?  Be a productive consequence?  Hopefully, be cost effective for the taxpayer?
Locking him up in a small dingy not so clean cell is going to help?  Plus, Oklahoma is so well known for their rehab programs he is going to do well?  Or, his he like most going to learn how to be a better drug addicted, thief, and felon in the prison?  And, the taxpayers are about to get slapped with fines from the justice department for violations?
Enter in my proposal.  I bet it is innovative, good for rehab and cost effective while leading to little recidivism. Which while on the subject of that. Oklahoma Methodist Confernce has Mercy Missions.  It is a prison ministry that (maybe more than just that) but this program has a recidivism rate of like 0.6%!!!! Now the state should be checking that out.  So should SAMSHA.  If this program is doing someting right we want to reproduce it. Don’t we?
I say in Rick’s case, he should serve his sentence out in a constructive way.  Because he went back to jail violating his probation dealing with DUI’s; first we find a person that was severely injured in wreck where he/she was hit by person that was drinking or doing drugs. Maybe this person cannot afford a dog that is used for personal assistance.
I say let Rick be in the home to cook, clean and help dress this person. I am not saying be a slave but serve him as an assistant Rick could wear an ankle detection device. The state corrections department could put up half the amount of $43.30 instead.  The person that Rick would be assisting could help with the other part of room and board. The corrections department could still use their doctors and counselors to come and check on Rick. Rick is still going to need help with drug addition/planning.
Here is where telemedicine and online therapy could help.  Maybe an online support group like AA meetings is possible. I also feel that mandated online educational courses would be in order. Rick would have to agree to taking a battery of assessments to size up his potential and interests. A one day pass to OKDRS assessment center on the south side of Oklahoma City might be in order. Online classes are available in many things.
My last component of the program is that Rick commits to getting a job. Once he is out he promises to attend support meetings like AA or something. Then for a year or two he agrees to send the person he assisted for his sentence in a dollar amount per month.  The amount can be as low as $20.  My thinking here is just by writing or sending the money Rick will be reminded of the person that was hurt badly in wreck as a resulf of DUI.  I think that is one of the few ways we really have to make a person stop and think before they will go get drunk and drive or dugging and driving.
I feel this will do more to really change the outcomes for Oklahoma. Think if we can spend less on prisons, what are the real possibilities for Oklahoma and her/his population?  Sky is the limit?  The solar system is the limit?  Moon is the limit?
Now what angers me so much?  People telling me this can’t be done.  It won’t work. I have to ask if these people might have a vested interest in stopping change from happening?  I have not one iota of proof.  I just wonder.
What kind of Oklahoma do you want in your future?  An Oklahoma where families stay together?  Where we can motivate people to change?  Do we have to make it uncomfortable for them?  Give them a hard choice to make? Yes. Live is not without consequences.  But, people are not something to throw away either.





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