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Seeking God…


King James Version – Then my take on a few things that might help you get through a few things. Inspired by God..I believe. I will find out one day.

Matthew 6:33-34 King James Version (KJV)
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

( Follow God….and all things will be okay……one thing or day at a time… …have faith…do not let the evil devil steal your present peace…..worry is evil and the devil loves to take this peace and steadfastness away.. ) This does not mean not to plan….as the animals put away food in their den or eat enough…eat eat so while they somber through the winter in theit dens they can sustain themselves… It just means to cut the anxiety circle… God taught us how to plant crops …did he not?
This verse to means follow God…with faith and allow him to provide for our future as he did with Jesus in the new promise…

I do not understand all the ways but he will take20180615_154758 care of all his people…HOw he will …do not know….so when people ask how he will take care of the Indians in America without them hearing the Bible….read the Bible where it says in Revelations this understanding is above man.

God knows how he will take care of all mankind. Let him do it….sit back relax and enjoy the ride..just seek him.

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