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¨AMERICA, do not be lead astray!¨ THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How come everybody wants to crucify Trump? They will not give Trump credit for bringing North Korea to the barining table? Are Peace Talks or the reunification of Korea a bad thing? What do these people have to fear?

Bringing down the Iron Curtain was a good thing. Right? Remember when the Berlin Wall crumbled? It was all over the news! Regean stood fast with Russian leader and it was worth it.

Should people give into a bully? I do not mean that violence is always correct. However, letting Hitler walk all over Europe did more harm in the way of millions of deaths. Paying off Iran to keep from developing a nuclear weapon until a limited set time is Blackmail money.

Has anyone considered we are really giving them the money to do just what the Obama deal says they will not do? Plus, we may be opening the gate for money to flow into the country for this?

Is Iran any safer for Americanś there? Do they still let Americanś be abducted and be treated as they have been in the past? Yet, we pay Blackmail money? Why?

I am not saying the US hasn acting wrong in the past. The Shah committed some bad things. Iran was once a Democratic society but we help place the Shah in power. This is wrong.

Yet, let us get back to how Trump is being roasted. Hillary has a lot to answer for but walked away with little or nothing done to her. What she is guilty of is worse than anything Trump has done.

How come no one in the media from TV to newspapers agreed with Trump on looking at at what Puten has to offer? How often do we get offers from Russia to look at what they have on intelligence out in the open? How about another few joint ventures…..like the space station and such.

Why not at least see what they have? Heck put in in the papers and let the American public see it. What are they afraid of from this info? What do these people have to hide? It makes me tend to think Trump must be more innocent than these people want us to know.

Why are they going after him in such an aggressive manner?

Here are a few questions that might make you people stop and think. That is if you have one single intelligent individual thought of your own.

Why did Obama make the Iran deal via an executive agency like the Nuclear Regulatory Agency? That means he by passed Congress in making a Treaty. Thus, cutting out the systems of checks and balances in our systems to keep one brancy of government from having too much power.

Basically, Obama used a government agency to get the money to make the deal. This way he did not have to get approval from Congress to do this deal. Talk about abuse of executive powers. This is something everyone of the Democrats is accusing Trump of doing.

Let us go back to Obama election. How come Obama, Hillary or the reporters let Trump get by with the Birth Certificate issue? Any fifth grade civics lesson should teach personś that if a person has a parent that is an American, then he or she has a right to run for President. Thus, what Obama should have said is his birth certificate is irrelavant. Then he should have gone on to educate the public. Also, should have Hillary and or the reporterś asking these questions during the debate. Why do they lag on this type of thing? I think they prefer to have uneducated voters. They want masses that are easy to sway. WAKE up AMERICA.


Trump is giving them a run for their money. The more he does not back down….The more he is a threat to the power of the political machine…of both parties.

Bill Maher a mud slinging comedian on HBO got my dandruff up the other day. Usually I turn the channel before I listen to the stupidity of these people. By the way the woman (Candian citizen until 2014….comment more on the place you have to vote….YOU SHOUld have to make a statement before each show….until then you are not a US citizen so you can vote in the election) on TBS is the worst.

Maher made the statement to the effect ¨How could we let Trump become President?”

Let me answer this for you Bill!!

¨You did not let Trump become President!! It is called an election!! Many of us suffered through Obamaś terms. But, that is because he was elected and that is fair!!¨

How can Maher be so ecotistical that he makes a statement like that. Yet, I feel that is how a lot of these people that will not ask real questions of people that could educate the American people think. After all they are journalists that want to bring the truth to the people! Right! They are slanting the truth to keep their agenda alive. I am so sick of the people saying Trump makes fake news.

I am going to Bullet a few things for you to consider then after that a few links for you to check.

> Hillary works on the Watergate Investigation and gets on Nixon for stalling the Courts and not producing records for the Committees. Did Hillary destroy evidence?

>Hillary keeps her name as Hillary Roddam for years as she is married to Clinton (this is fine….but until her husband runs for President and many Americans are conservative think this is wrong….she suddenly changes///) — -Why the switch?

>When Hillaryś hubby was in the Whitehouse..why did Hillary as her college to remover her senior paper from public view? Maybe because it was extremely Liberal and the conservative part of America would balk if it were available?

Everybody keeps saying Trump is a womanizer. Okay if he is so bad…How come Hillary could stay with a man that technically did not have sex in the White house? This means that Clinton knows the law and will evade questions until it is in his best interest to come clean? Fox news presented info on Orgy Island showing where Bill has been a visitor to this place but Trump was not. Also, that the person threatining a lawsuit with Trump dropped it. (Fox news shows the passenger list…which is public info).

>Has Trump committed Treason? Did Bill Clinton commit Treason by going to a country that was backing a country we were at war with to protest that war? I am talking about Russia. See stories on why many military men put their back to him when he was running for President. Has Hillary committed Treason by having a private email server? Think as a Secretary of State …would it be likely that emails recieved most likely would have states secrets that could endanger national security? Or, if a person does not realize this…maybe they are not of high enough intelligence to be Secretary of State? A third possibility is they are so narcissistic they care less? Thus, a person should consider checking about getting a private email server?


I HAVE more but will not over do it. Think why they do not want the public to see what Puten has to offer? At least let the American public see it then let us make up our own minds.

WHAT do they have to fear? The more they protest and roast this man, the more I think he is something they fear and must be better them. Has he changed his personality since he got into office?

Think about how many times these other people have done 180ś and 360ś!

Check out these links …THINK for yourself.

By the way Trump does not smoke or drink or do drugs.

Links to check out… Hillary has now allowed access?

Link about Hillary and her denial of access to paper

Iran and deal info

See in this agreement where Iran plans to persue Navy Nuclear power….and still continues long range missle tests… and more.

The 10 year agreement. Are we stupid?

Iran has a history of not being trustworthy?

Link to show if Trustworthy of this deal

We still let Iran do this and get by with things…but we have to let go any chance the hostages can sue Iran for kidnapping in the International Courts? Seems one sided to me? Like we have to keep on letting a spoiled child have his/her way? How does that usually work out? Sometimes the parent(s) end up being afraid of the child(ren) as adults even of violent actions..Correct?

Could we not use this money to pay for all of our old people that need the money? Our diasbled that we must care for?

Timeline of deals with Iran leading up to and with this deal…and concerns for deal

This will show you timeline of Iran and how we keep bending rules when we deal with them.

Remember we did place the Shah in power….which was not right but do two wrongs make a right?

This shows Billś frequent flyer miles on private plane to private owned island by convicted child molester Billionaire.

Link to public manifest or list of passengers on flights private plane by Bill Clinton with Billionaire that has done done time for child molestation to his private island known as Örgy Island and clears Trump as never going there..

I could spoonfeed you but you guys know how to use the innernet….Let these people that screen and filter your news….the ones committed to bringing the truth to you….MORE LIKE Hiding the truth from you …. Rip the veil down.

Also, ask them why there is not one story about a recent shooting in Oklahoma where two citizenś legally carrying concealed weapons prevented further harm to others. Furthermore, of these two people, one was White and the other was of Latin American ethicnic origin. The race of those preventing further loss is not even the least of the story. These two people came to the aid of a black or black mixed race people.

How come no news media outlet told the story of how carrying legal concealed weapons in a true event was a positive thing? Or, that race divisions are not always the normal thing in our society? I would have thought a story where races come together like this or act without thinking to help humans in a color-blind manner would be something to show the racist society we so often are accused of being.

Also, the story defends the US Constitution in our right to carry or bare arms in our own defense. How many of you have used your brain to think crimes are committed with illegal guns? Does making it harder for the average citizen to obtain a legal gun and shoot a person breaking in make it easier or worse.

I agree we must do gun education workshops. Parents must lock up the guns. Personally, I do not have a gun in my house. If I ever do, I will take a course. I have no problem with instituting mandatory gun education laws. Or, do I have a problem with prosecuting those negligent in keeping guns unlocked and with easy access for children ripe for accidents to occur.

All I ask is for you to consider this things. I say these pointing the finger may be much worse than the person they are pointing the finger at. Ask the question why do they not want us to see what Puten has to present? Why did Obama, Clinton and the reporters not inform the public that Obamaś birth certificate was a mute point? They let Trump use this to get people upset. This is one point I dislike about Trump because he used your stupidity against you.





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