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A prescription for the development of the SWOSU Rural Health Center and Pharmacy Residency Program.

A prescription for the development of the SWOSU Rural Health Center and Pharmacy Residency Program. TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary…………………………………………………………..1-2 Planning……………………………………………………………………….3-4 Design………………………………………………………………………5-6-7 Development………………………………………………………………..5-6-7 Implementation/Maintenance………………………………………………5-6-7 Executive Summary The first challenge to face is bringing all of the stakeholder’s interests to the pharmacy counter; while following all the mandates in the design of a program and mission… Continue reading A prescription for the development of the SWOSU Rural Health Center and Pharmacy Residency Program.

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Sooner Success A Failure?

Sooner Success’(found at this url http://soonersuccess.ouhsc.edu/ ), originally the way I understood this it was to be  a; formative innovative concept to help the disability community including the person and family in Oklahoma …on a personal spin!  Oklahoma would place a coordinator in every county.

Another word for this coordinator that sums up my understanding of job is a liaison or go between. When parents were stressed locating the necessary resources for their child or adult child with disabilities getting a hold of the Sooner Success County Coordinator was the end all to problems encountered by families. Whatever the community needed this person could do. Some examples might be help filling out forms, simply giving out information or helping get necessary training in the county. I thought this meant, believe I read this at one time, that the Coordinator would contact other agencies and programs or see what the hold up seemed to be. Also, I thought this meant going with parents if needed.

How many know what the Switcheroo is in a con game? Now, I realize verification is best. Heck, if I had known this was coming, I would have taken down the exact specifications listed by Sooner Success. My memory is darn near close to pretty good to excellent on the scales. But because I believe this agency is pulling the old bate and switch with their mission statement I can’t prove this. Sooner Success as a baby agency that already learned to downsize their programs to a limited amount learning the term “referral” very fast.
Here below are some other “referral” agencies or groups funded by either the state, federal or both:

Oklahoma Family Network (has been rolled up into this program somehow I think)

Oasis (which has been rolled up into this program somehow I think)

Oklahoma Autism Network

Center For Learning and Leadership

Parent Center

Disability Law Center

Possibly Disability Council?

Office Disability Concerns
There are other groups that act as “referral” agencies. Many that refer people provide trainings and a few other services. MY MAIN POINT IS THAT THE INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL SERVICE of being a liaison aiding the disabled community with resources while cutting through red tape disappeared in puff of smoke. I know because when trouble cropped up during an application process my phone call to the coordinator wastes my time during my efforts locating services and resources for my son with autism..

Theoretically, a county coordinator can start a job without a college degree and a salary higher than a teacher. Do any of you own a business? If you use a professional do you always seek out another to check their work? Why as a tax payer, would you want to waste this much money in duplicating services where the end produces little improvement in service to the target client? If duplication, triplification or quadruplication of agencies were cut with the a state question mandating the savings were to spent on services to the target clients in the form of therapy, transportation or things that improved quality of life in carefully worded language; would you vote for this measure? How about the same area serving elderly?

Pretend for a moment your profession is one of investigations. This time the target is School Support Services (found at this url https://www.oumedicine.com/department-of-pediatrics/department-sections/devbehav/child-study-center/programs-and-clinical-services/school-support-services) is another agency or group set up to support those with learning disabilities or developmental delays. My comprehension of this program is funding comes from both federal and state governments and Oklahoma school districts also required to pay to use the services. A number of years have elapsed since dealing with this group. Here is another url http://autismcenterok.org/ to go to if interested; I EMPHASIZE THIS IS A MUST!

Rephrasing of mission statements and websites reworked for optimal eye appeal known as marketing resulting in changes to this area have occurred since my last visit. I recollect words to the effect that a child in need or family without the resources for school support services or early autism treatment would receive treatment regardless of financial status. Agencies or groups wise up. You see I liked what I read on this site about evaluations. Insurance didn’t pay for these things back then and expensive was stamped all over the services.

I inquired of my son’s teacher at the time. Of course his teacher said she was in fear for her job. Requesting services that cost a school district money are doubtfully the way to get on the escalator to a promotion for teachers. My mind went to questioning a few things. You see my resume contains a manifold list of skills, jobs, education and volunteer areas. As a pharmacist, I am familiar with the concept of “capitation.” This process is where an insurance group, usually a health maintenance organization (HMO) pays a provider (doctor or medical group) one fee to cover the medical needs say for instance you own a business and you purchase insurance from this HMO to give medical insurance to your employees. Another form of this business arrangement is if in your business you pay one fee a year to a maintenance provider to keep all your machines like printers and computers working. If your machines never break down it is basically an insurance to keep you up and running. However, if you have multiple breakdowns the cost to you for this expense is the same.
Besides being a pharmacist, I have a Master’s of Science in Management. I taught high school for a short time  of over a year via alternative certification. I went back to pharmacy for less hours, better benefits, needing family time to work with my son age three that had autism because insurance didn’t cover all the therapy needed, and I hate to say this loving most of the children but better working conditions overall. Volunteering expands my skills into a variety of other areas.

The only people that might provide an answer to some of the questions racing through my mind had to be the financial office of the school district. Thus, I called. “Does the district have a contract with School Support Services at OU? Plus, if the district does is it a per use cost agreement or a capitation contract?”

“Yes, our district has a contract with School Support Services that stipulates capitation as the agreement for services. I am sure you understand this but that means we pay one fee for the service and the number of uses is unlimited to be regulated only by making appointments that are reasonable. Office machine repair is commonly entered into in this manner. Did you understand what I said? Can I help you further or do you require more information or assistance?” Asked the lady on the other end of the phone at my son’s school district financial office.

“NO THANK YOU! I do appreciate your time and the information you have given me. I get what you said and need no explanation or further assistance. Again, thank you very much for your help and all the time. You have no idea how grateful I am to get this data. Have a nice day. Bye.” Chirping in a happy mood I hang up the phone.

Next, I call School Support Services. You see after my wreck in 2008 I had time to research and locate more resources for my son with autism. The school district my son went to offered plenty to him and the family for which I was thankful. The special education director advertised on Cox Cable’s Community Channel that was in existence at the time. The library had a weekly comment newsletter with events listed for people to take. One time I sat down to discuss this with him. He told me he advertises the school district’s responsibility to search out children age 3 to 21 with disabilities and provide necessary services for them after an evaluation process to se if they met qualifications for the program.

School Support Services says to contact them or your school district for services. During my call I asked, “Why don’t you list the districts you have a contract with on your website!”

This way parents will know in advance if the district is trying to side step issues with them. After the wreck a number of the programs like this one were about teaching me to write a lengthy IEP (Individual Education Program) detailing and trying to get the schools to pay for as much as possible. To a point I get this. What people do not realize is the schools have limited resources in budgets already. Another big problem is teacher’s are pushed to the max. I think it comes down to a piece of paper that means little if the teacher is trying but cannot execute the IEP or the school district for that matter.

School Support Services asked me how I found out the contract with school district’s based on capitation and much more. I told them it took a little thinking and asking key offices a few questions to get the knowledge I sought. Then I went on to say that I believed some parents gladly would pay or offer donations to supplement the balance I knew the program was leaking. Trust me I knew even with all the support from federal, state and one time fee from the school districts, costs for the program were over the total sum. Yet, as a parent I knew the cost of paying privately for this and seeing it reduced drastically was something I could appreciate. My suggestions for innovations or doing things different fell on deaf ears like every time I offer such a solution.

School Support Services is one example of many groups that like to hold the schools accountable for so many sins. In so many frames of times I have turned the tables to explore how a group can be or should be more responsible to most innocent, needy and helpless segments of our community in their outreach to provide a service to this community to be met with vile distaste for my suggestion in acceptance of any responsibility in this area.

Neither of these agencies or groups is alone in a sea of entities servicing the disabled. Disinformation or being given out right wrong info starting me down a journey on Wrong Street is an event of more than one date. Reaching out for services for my son that would provide basic housing and supports when my husband I die because there is no family or siblings for him to fall upon if he doesn’t reach the potential I think he will concluded in another fiasco of similar outcomes. Once I had my son in this program, which one must gain entrance before the age of twenty-one now due to changes in policy, the service, people and program is excellent for what the budget allows. I tried to call people to tell them but they are tired of what they perceive as anger and rhetoric.

It is late and I am tired but there is more. I will write about these another day. Yet, I have to talk about the good I found too. Vonda Martin, then an employee of the Center for Learning and Leadership found a social group, OKAY, for my son that ran by a special lady that retired now. Dee Blose allowed me to volunteer and help a group of young adults that gave me so much more than I gave. Jody Harlan, that works for Oklahoma Department Vocational and Rehabilitation Services, has been available to answer questions and on occasion advocate for me. Joni Bruce, head of Oklahoma Family Network, is owed a few thanks for things she has done helping me with agendas associated with doing right or locating resources for my son’s needs.

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Danna Gaylene Nelson Rocha These are pics of my 52 year old cousin mom’s side died coup days ago. Some of u know me very well some just little. But I feel better by sharing with you all. Plz just take minute acknowledge her existence on Earth and what it stood for and prayers we continue to live up to our purpose on Earth God intends. Remind us to let the petty things go and love those close and help those we don’t know best we can. Thanks Amen U r all in my thoughts 2

Plz take a minute to think about this person’s life and what it meant for her time on Earth. Pray we all learn a lesson that we should be trying to do what God wants. That she only had 52 years…TIME IS SHORT..SO FORGET THE PETTY THINGS AND ENJOY WHAT WE HAVE!

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SANDRA LYNN MALLO ADCOCK DPH M.S.M.PERSONAL LEADERSHIP PORTFOLIOMGT677 LEADING, EMPOWERING, AND MOTIVATING OTHERSDR. KELLYANN BERUBE KOWALSKITABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION……………..1-4 PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY..5-7PERSONAL LEADERSHIP ATTACHMENT PLAN…….8-10LEADERSHIP LEGACY……..11SUMMARY AND CONLUSIONS………………………..12APPENDIX…SWOT MATRIX WILL BE AS ATTACJMENTiINTRODUCTION“You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!” Have you heard this axiom? Do you agree with the precept of the metaphor? Disagree or have a different analysis? Which of these two words would you pick to describe yourself given a choice between only creative and conformist? I plugged in the allegory and interpretation resulting in the recognizable conformist showing up. Revelations of forcing events is a bad idea that doesn’t work.Did you describe yourself with the word creative or agree with most of the recognizable conformists? How could there be another slant on this? Fasten your seat belts and get ready to step in to another mind that might have a different rate of deliver of electric impulses from synapse to synapse in the brain due to a higher or lower concentration of glucose dependent on the dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, glutamate, gamma-amino butyric acid and theother neurotransmitters. The last sentence is one hypothesis for the deviation in data ending with the slant on this metaphor but there are too many variables to account for in this scenario. Sandra Lynn Mallo Adcock’s mother and family always said Sandra was Sandra after all.A slant of giving the horse an IV was a simple solution to a refusal on the beast’s part. Then this is no longer a metaphor you argue? Wait a moment! What this represents to me in “parable speak’ is people give up too easy. I actually had this conversation of late.Poetry is an art I dabbled in the last five years for some therapeutic value. Stephen NowickI and Marshall Duke wrote a book Helping the Child Who Doesn’t Fit In in which they coined the phrase dyssemia describing children that had trouble deciphering body language.1Learning about this and reading the book inspired me to write the poem posted below. Hopefully it allows you further glimpses of my thought process occurring forever turning over under top to left ear then right eye.Dyssemic SocietyOur OUR Society is going- the wrong way today.Do we say what we mean? Do we mean what we say?We have so much more,Cell phones, cars, computers, cards for the atm. We have more things to give,But cannot seem to live.As a child,I was seldom idle.This did cause few to glimpse me with guile,Yet, this never seemed to stop me from running miles.Blessed to have my parents,For they knew children’s rants,Perfect they were not,A safe bet for me, I am thankful for what I got.Society says be yourself, But you must do it this way. Speak your mind,But always be kind.Everyone is not the same,We must accept them.But, we will put them,In this special pen to meet their needs.Be innovative.Be motivated.No boat rocking. No socking it to um.2Find one thing to focus on,And do it good.No, not that focused.You have to just right and give others a break.You need to be right,Search for the truth to get along.Then it is wrong,To be right and have to play get along.Does anyone see the complexity,Of this ridiculousness?In the process of teaching one that is inflexible, To be flexible by being inflexible?Is communication being imprecise,The responsibility of most society?The person or child that really does see all?Or the society that says this is not right or cannot comprehend what the other sees?Society says a child or person can’t, This person or child knows can. Seems that SocietyHas a Dyssemic Condition to me.Now imagine,One that doesn’t know,The how or why,Behind his or her eye in the mind.Then one day Society,Says no this is the way.Society’s Dyssemic Condition,Often leads some to personal destruction and then blames it on personal dysfunction.Are you ready to accompany me on my exploration of personal leadership? Did you fasten your seat belt? Let me thank you for your time you are taking to examine another person’s thoughts and perceptions about leadership on a personal and vocational/professional level as it relates to this management course.Concepts to be inspected will be from the textbook Leadership Theory, Application & Skill Development. The Big Five which is a cluster of personality classifications to help zero in3on management styles impacted on things within the clusters like communication. How to motivate, lead with and apply types of power in specified events and when participatory decision making with teams can be a drawback are some examples of things to mull over. Skill Assessment and Self-Assessment Exercises have been assigned as part of this examination process and the results will be discussed or referenced in an appendix.Then nature of an organization’s culture and impression it can have on innovation is important. I will explain how this made me decide to withdraw going with a one man band show. I will wind up an explanation of my belief due to experiences in the end.Throughout the class I have voiced a concern for the use of psychology in business. Putting a pretty face on politics concerns me. I see no way of legitimizing this process in an organization or justifying it. By the very process one person or party may lose generating negative feelings which can become engrained in the culture which is a powerful monster for good and bad.I plan to expound on my distaste for having an ethics matrix to make decision and if my business to be prospers I plan never to use these guides on instruments.Classmates quotes from discussions and/or IGD may be used in this paper. Outside articles will be peppered in to break up the boredom. I hope this journey finds you with another view or concept to consider in the future as I have taken away from this course. It has been an extremely pleasant surprise to my expectations. My classmates and instructor have paraded their very “business soul” and it has been an honor to walk with them this semester.4PERSONAL PHILOSPHYHere is my rewording of the textbook definition during the course work. “In a business or organization the function is to obtain results through the people following the leader’s ability to respond to stimuli in the environment occupied by the organization to obtain organizational objectives. If change is not needed, as interaction via interpersonal between the leaders and followers suggest, then a leader should comprehend this and reward behaviors that are in the best interests of the organization.”A few factors directly dramatically shape my personal philosophy on leadership. A full wide range of these dimensional variables appear following the end of this sentence.Υ INDIVIDUAL BELIEFS, VALUES, AND EXPERENICES ∏ BELIEFS∈ OF TRADITIONAL JUDEO-CHRISTIAN HERRITAGE∈ MEMBER SOUTHERN BAPTIST DENOMINA TION∈ FAMILY VERSED IN FREEDOMS OF COUNTRY∈ FEEL BILL OF RIGHTS FOUNDATION ON BUSINESS RELATIONS AND CULTURE∈ LIVE BY LUKEWARM PRINCIPLE∈ BELIVE WITH MY HEART IN SOLE IF FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE IN INTERACTIONS WITH OTHERS ON PERSONAL AND BUSINESS MATTERS YOU WILL NOT FAIL∈ REALIZE AGE DICTATES REFLECTION AND STANCE ON THESE THINGS BECAUSE WHEN I WAS YOUNGER I INVISIONED A CORPORATE POSITION WITH THE TRIMMINGS BUT WITH HISTORY LOOK UPON SOME ASPECTS WITH DISDIAN∈ BELIEVE IN RESPECTING ELDERSΥ WANTS AND GOAL ∏ WANTS∈ TRA VEL∈ IMPROVED PERSONAL RELA TIONSHIPS∈ DECREASE IN SOME ENGT AGLEMNTS∈ MODEST INCOME5∈ TO MAKE SURE MY PATH FOLLOWED IS ONE GOD SET FOR ME AND I HAVE FOLLOWED HIM WELL∈ THAT AS A PARENT I HAVE DONE MY BEST∏ GOALS∈ EDUCATIONAL FINISH THIS CLASS WITH A B∈ EDUCATIONAL SKILLS TO AQUIRE∪ DESKTOP PUBLISHING∪ WEB DEVELOPMENT∪ MORE WRITING AND JOURNALISM SKILLS∪ BRUSH UP ON BUSINESS SKILLS∈ PERSONAL∪ END OF 3-12 WORK OUT 3 DAYS WEEK∪ MASTERED PREFERRED RELAXATION∪ ALL ITEMS IN STORAGE AND GARAGEFULLY INTEGRATED INTO ANDORGANIZED AT NEW HOUSE ∈ CAREER/BUSINESS∪ END 2014 REFRAMING RESOURCES WILL BE IN THE BLACK ON ALL EXPENSES SUPPORTING ME WITH A SALARY OF $45K/YEAR∪ R&RREACHES50%OFALLOK SPECIAL EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS AND 25% VERSED IN 25% OF EVERYTHING I KNOW∪ MY PRESENCE IN THE MARKET WILL HAVE SPURRED THE OKLAHOMA STATE LEGISLATURE TO INACT REFORM MAKING ALL AGENCIES MORE ACCOUNTABLE FOR AND TO THE DISABLED OR DIFFERENTLY ABLED COMMUNITY.Υ FEEDBACK FROM PROFESSIONALS/MENTORS/OTHERS ∏ I KEEP IN TOUCH WITH A NUMBER OF THESE AND CARRY ON DISCUSSINONS∈ MUTUAL RESPECT ALLOWS FOR FEEDBACK∈ A CONTIOUES IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMEXISTS WITHIN MYSELF TO IMPROVE AS A PERSON, CHRISTIAN, IN EDUCATION AND AS MOTHER/WIFE/FRIEND/STRANGER OR RESPONSIBLE MEMBER OF SOCIETYΥ ROLE LEADERSHIP PLAYS IN MY LIFE – IS TO BRING ALL THIS TOGETHER TO PERFORM THESE FUNCTIONS I HA VE TO AND DESIRE6Υ STRENGTHS /WEAKNESS AND HOW TO LOOK AT THREATS /OPPOURTUNTIES ( SEE APPENDIX)Υ TAKE ON SELF-ASSESSMENTS AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT EXERCISES IN BOOK ASSIGNED(SEE APPENDICES)Υ LEADERSHIP COMPETENCY SKILLLS∏ EDUCA TION∏ PERSONALITY∏ WORK EXPERINCE∏ V ARIETY OF WORK∏ NON PROFIT VOLUNTEER V ARIETY ANDLONGEVITY EXPEREINCE∏ VARIETY OF PEOPLE ACROSS WIDE SPECTRUMCULTURE FROM DOCTORS TO HOMELESS ANDTEACHERS TO WIDE SPECTRUM OF DISABLED∏ THOSE NOTED FROM THE EXERCISES ASSIGNEDSEE APPENDICIES∏ RESEARCH ABILITY AND KNACK FOR FINDINGINFORMA TIONTwo Bible verses I keep in mind when dealing with people besides The Golden Rule are Matthew 25:15 and Romans 2:1. The first talks about how each person is blessed with various talents. The second one reminds me that when tempted to judge others it is wise to look at myself or take a self-inventory. All of the rest of the things stated are important because I feel they are the variables that drive and form my personality that roles into how I lead.Leadership to me is the bundle of these factors coming together when I am in charge of directing, guiding or teaching either in work, parenting, in general as a Christian and or volunteer work whatever the task is. What role leadership plays in my life goes from; parenting, as a pharmacist helping a patient with education on their medication and possible interactions and a part of his/her health team member, in the work role besides that task there is leading others and management roles as the book said being an example to others, making sure the area I am in charge of runs as it should, and in the future because of the experience I have had working and as a customer I will launch a business.7PERSONAL LEADERSHIP DEVLOPMENT PLANGetting back to the course addressing what the exercises, readings, and text information can be used to fine tune my personal leadership development and action plan. The appendices explain my interpretation thoroughly in my opinion. I have expressed my opposition with reasons for opting out of some of the assignments. Skill Development 2.1 is the one that I chose to exclude.Self-Assessment Exercise reveled over all my potential for management was on the high end. A lack of drive name Surgency and Agreeable could be things to work on. I put in my profiles at a time where I was beginning my professional career and now. I think this shows how age and time change people in general some call it wisdom but a simple term I have heard is “the school of hard knocks,” references learning from experiences.You can review my final thoughts on each exercise. Subscribing to the Big Five and personality testing is a failure and a dependence on what I consider to be a flawed science and a profession with serious ethical considerations that needs to clean up their act. Now this refers mostly to personality testing. Relying on case histories and principles history has taught us would be a better way of looking at organizations. Our country stood up and wrote a document that unveils a script for how to treat people like equal and fair. That said throwing all of this out the window would be a completely egotistical aggressive act.Examining Theory X versus Theory Y taught me there is a time that one must exert a coercive power. It was pleasant to find out that these instruments showed I leaned to participatory, delegation and as I stated in the previous section and paragraph fair and equal. I8do not have a need for power. However, I am not afraid to make a decision the situation demands this.My need for achievement and motivation based on this can reflect self-centeredness. This contradicts the assessments that show I can delegate and favor participatory styles of leading.Disagreeing already with the idea of how the authors can make politics an official skill to develop, it is not surprising this is something I need to work on from the information on the exercises. Networking scores were just above political skills in the exercises. It is very hard for me to ask people for things. It goes against my basic conceptions.I am a good listener according to these assessments. Then it going right on to whether I am on the in or out group lands me just inside the fence of the in group. I stated and know that it shouldn’t be but my respect for a person sometimes clouds my ability to want to be in or out. It will not keep from performing my duties or job correctly.Being a team player currently has low appeal for me. Corporations and small business I have worked for had a two faced culture with many of the employees and management. The interaction I have had with those charged with connecting tax payer supported groups and government agencies designed to help those in need reveals a monstrous bureaucracy that should be cut back by trimming or killing.A pleasant surprise was finding out I have Transformational Leadership qualities. Actually I have characteristics of a Charismatic and Transformational but think the former is more accurate than the other. This will come in handy when I form and build my business.Negotiating skills, understanding basic needs and how motivation is met are things I can take away from this course. I think the research done in these areas is spot on. God said9“Feed my Sheep.” Studies have shown that children under nourished learn poorly. If the basics aren’t met first there will be no going anywhere else. Understanding people past this is important.YEARS PERSONAL BASIC GOALSSTEPSOVERALLL ORGANIZA TIONREFRAMING RESOURCES START UPBASIC GOALSSTEPSACTION PLAN15 10Relaxation skillsTanner in two classes Vo-TechBill and I time to work on relationship and communicationPersonal exercise/BibleStudy Family /FriendsExercise ProgramNo back tension Balanced work/lifeRe-evaluate Tanner career job pathContinued Re-Eval Community PersonalResourcesPre-Retirement Set Travel bucket listReassess Tanner supports/trust fundCommunication with all Planning ConsultationContinual Re-accessOpen or launch 1/1/14Reach 50% Special Ed Teachers 25% Resource Info DispersedBusiness plan writtenSBA Innovative GrantUse all research info/education work skills/relationshipsget vo-rehab pay for trainingReached 50%Resource Info Dispersed75 % Teachers reached 25% Ped/Primary CareContinue Reassess Always be willing to pack in if not effective Stay in touch God Seek guidanceReached 100%Teachers50% Ped and PrimaryCare Providers have Health Lit Info needMore of 5 year Expanding onOpp when appear10LEADERSHIP LEGACYWhat do I want to be remembered for as a leader in the professional and personal arenas of my life? Do I want or care about being remembered? Why should I care about this? If I care what are the things that are worth thinking about what other people think in the future about my past? What relevance or manifestation does this relate to my leadership skills and ability in the present? Is this workout futile because of the nature of pride and sinful thoughts that center near this line of investigation?On the high road, if I were to answer any of the questions above positively, I think acting as the leader God intended would be what I hope I had done. Exiting this world with the knowledge I had accomplished this getting out his message would be thrilling for me. If my convictions are true, then building a business model to help the most vulnerable populations in society that was successful within the ethical and moral teachings laid out as I understand them would be of value to show for my time on this Earth but more than that the glory should be his and others.Personally, I want my son to remember me in the loving sense. Yet, if this is not possible because I have had to be the one to play more of a preparatory role in helping him to have a life he would be happiest with, then that is okay. Then my legacy is represented by him being independent enough to stay in our house where he can have choices of what pets to have, ability to go to the movies and actives he enjoys like being on his computer with internet access. This life is nonexistent in most group home situations.11SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONSIs there anything new under the sun? Some will say no others will argue technology advancements are. Proponents of the alien visitors to our ancient world and as either the inspiration fo[contact-form subject='[Ollamok%26#039;s Uncommon Common Sense’][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Website' type='url'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea' required='1'/][/contact-form]r the building of the different pyramid styles or builder themselves disagree about the technology argument.I think society does have a DYSSEMIC CONDITION of wanting people and culture to be conformist. Basing business on a specific science that purports to have ethics but when confronted evades the issue is problematic to me.Facebook’s leader in the book and case is a people person and has built a culture great for people to work in where one would think ethics would prosper. This same corporation has been pulled on the carpet for privacy decision guide makes about as much sense as leaving a two year old toddler in an unfenced back yard to play alone. People have to have a basic moral/ethics/value system in place or taught to them in order to make decisions of this nature. A policy statement is a must if for nothing else than a person to know what can and can’t do in an organization. If an employee (member of your organization) has no moral compass then teach him/her the basics. If somebody has to use an ethics matrix then it obvious to me they have no basics. What are you or I going to do if it this person represents us and is in a compromising spot where a snap decision has to be made without a handy dandy ethics matrix decision?12i

This is a paper I did in a course at Dartmouth when I was considering an Organizational Leadership Gradruate Certificate but family obligations dictated otherwise