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Spanx! Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It.

Spanx is a registered trademark! DO YOU KNOW THIS TERM SPANX?  I didn’t.  The term came up when reading a book, Girlfriends 2.0 by Cindy W. Morrison.  I did have an idea from the context what SPANX might be. I cringed at first.  Tight hose are not something I like to wear anymore.  At a comfortable middle… Continue reading Spanx! Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Deal With It.

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“Mop Monster,” came out when Mom wanted to clean the floors but had a 7 year old, 6 year old, 4 but almost year old, and 1 almost 2 year old around to deal with under foot. The couch became a magnificent ocean going Sailing Vessel we might call the “Mallo.”  It would have to… Continue reading “MOP MONSTER” BY SNEAKY MOM NOW SNEAKY GRANDMA AGE 85

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Disability Doesn’t Have To Be Debilitating

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Disability doesn’t have to be debilitating.   Disability only means finding a different approach or way around life’s curves.   One must find a way to get to the end of the road by hopping, using a cane, wheelchair or being carried by God.

How many people without arms have learned to drive, paint, write or other with their feet?  Technolgy has made it

easier for us now more than ever before in history.  What is stopping you from going forward?  What is stopping you from helping

your son, daughter, grandaughter, student, or patient?  Do you make excuses for them?  Do you let the stagnate?  High

expectations will help them reach their full potential.

My husband and I have gone head to head on these questions over and over.  I tend to be the pusher and my

husband the “Disney Dad.”  That is all well and good if you have a child that can reach his full potential through learning

from others.  A special needs child or differently abled child needs even sterner goals and directions in my opinon.

My son is an only child.  There are no close relatives that can monitor his progress or look in on him once his parents are gone.  He will be on his

own once my husband and I die.  My son has shown me over and over he is capable. Go and get a copy of Wanda

Draper’s book, “YOUR CHILD IS SMARTER THAN YOU THINK!”  She is an internationally know Child Development


Expectations are what you will get from your children.  My son can wash his clothes, vacuum, unload the

diswasher, or baically any household chore.  When it comes to mowing the yard or other chore that deals with a male

oriented task ( my husband interfered on me showing him); my son, Tanner, is at a lose as how to proceed.

Do you know why my son can do the things I mentioned above?  I showed him how to do them.  You can do this too.

Now I will insert the story of an 85 year old premie child that wasn’t supposed to be according to her doctor’s when

she was born and through a few life events.  My mother, Dorothy Mallo, was born early before the fullterm of a

pregnancy.  One way to give you an idea of how small she was is to tell you they used my grandfather’s hankerchiefs for

diapers because nothing else seemed to fit.  Dorothy was born with a club foot and the growth in one leg had to be

stopped because one leg had stopped growing.

Dorothy had many surgeies at the Shriner’s Hospital’s.  This meant spending a year away from home.  Dorothy

often had to walk to school on crutches.  Did it ever occur to her or her family she was disabled and completely debilitated?

Apparently not!

Dorothy went on to graduate from high school and then on to Secretary College (which now I understand would be

the equivalent of an Associates Degree).  Dorothy continued to work, marry, have four children and do many things

that any normal person did.

How come these issues didn’t beat her down?  What did Dorothy do that many others would not?  What is the

formula for keeping your disabilites from making you debilitated?

Could it be attitude?  Your family support system?  I feel these are part of the answer.  I also know it has to do

with the times.  I think society makes more excuses for people with disabilites and has lowered expectations.  They give

the lowest of jobs to these kids on Individual Educational Plans sometiimes; and on Employee Plans with Voccational Rehab plans.

Remember Dorothy the next time you let your disability hold you back.  My mom has never let her disabilities stop

her from doing anything she wanted to do in life.  I hold her up as an example to many.

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