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The American Dream; Helping Everyone Reach For It!

The American Dream; Helping Everyone Reach For It!



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Obvious Trouble with Current Accepted Disability Advocacy; Pointing Out What is Wrong!

Consider these things about having to say I have blank. How many people like being singled out? Do you want to be known for being different or having a disability? Did you want to belong to specific groups? How many realize the peer pressure teens with disabilitiies face? Are called stupid or dumb for going to Lab Class for help? Going through all these issues at or during adolescent? Recall Freak Shows at the Fair and Circues?

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Blessings in God’s APRIL SHOWERS AND MORE.

HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE LAMENTED OVER getting your special child to shower/clean hair better/ use deodorant and more?

Hygiene issues affect people with Autism, Sensory Integration Issues, Special Needs, and a number of other people. HOW MANY HAVE JUST ABOUT GIVEN UP ON TEACHING THIS SKILL TO THEIR SON/DAUGHTER OR OTHER relation/student and more?

*******>>>>>My relates story that took 18 years to figure out

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Facebook Pages that are not kind to letting me post: Block them from your feed if you want more control.

BLOCKING LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Facebook pages  *********I plan to update and repost as time permits _______________________________________________ PLEASE NOTE THAT SPAMMING IS A PROBLEM ….BUT POSTING FROM TIME TO TIME SHOULD BE OKAY. IF IT ISN’T WITH THEM THEN WE CAN TAKE OUR POWER TO BLOCK THOSE THAT DO NOT RECIPROCATE! _________________________________________________ Yahoo Parenting AhaParenting.com Positive Parenting: Toddlers… Continue reading Facebook Pages that are not kind to letting me post: Block them from your feed if you want more control.