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Obvious Trouble with Current Accepted Disability Advocacy; Pointing Out What is Wrong!

Consider these things about having to say I have blank. How many people like being singled out? Do you want to be known for being different or having a disability? Did you want to belong to specific groups? How many realize the peer pressure teens with disabilitiies face? Are called stupid or dumb for going to Lab Class for help? Going through all these issues at or during adolescent? Recall Freak Shows at the Fair and Circues?

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Son, “Do you prefer my Mini Pad!”

Helping my son with his emersion into an Oklahoma History inclusive classroom, a phrase came out of my mouth that seemed so wrong! My son, Tanner, is taking the tests and quizes with no accomadations.  I am helping him organize information about the chapter.  What to do?  Figure out what works for him and so… Continue reading Son, “Do you prefer my Mini Pad!”

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This year I am getting organized.  Planning to fit soon, is in the list of things to do.  One thing I am learning is that my All or Nothing Thinking is something I must change.  This means when I have gotten way too far behind…..that I must catch up in one day……resulting in pulling the… Continue reading GETTING ORGAINZED THIS YEAR IN PICTURES


Best teaching methods? Models? Results?

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